This is the art and costume portfolio of Holly Conrad, a morbidly ambitious and keenly shameless costume designer, skull finder, sculptor, and illustrator.

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Yours in portfolios,
I've been published! This book here has a picture of my Orpheus Alchemy costume, as well as a wonderful blurb. You can find it at any Barnes and Nobles! Here is the blog post about it as well. 

My FeeJee Mermaid was featured in the show Experience El Dorado, check it out!  She shows up around 5:35

Time Magazine Online A quick photo shoot makes it in Time Magazine Online

LA Weekly did a blog post on the art show I was in, LA Myth at Meltdown Comics, come check out my little blurb and some pictures of my Familiars An amazing article on our floor costumes and more, plus a fabulous blog and costuming resource

In Search of Heroes
I was interviewed by the In Search of Heroes Charity after the Comic Con Masquerade, I'm at at about 2 minutes in

Comic Con 2009
Here's a quick video of my entry. Not the best quality video, but it works!

Popular Mechanics
For the Fyriel the Alchemist costume at the California Steampunk Convention.

Make Blog, Fyriel the Alchemist This is a lovely article written by Gareth Branwen of Make fame, he did such an amazing job and makes me sound far more cool than I believe I actually am.

I've also been featured for my earlier costumes on the PlayStation Channel for the Fyriel the Alchemist costume, as well as THIS lovely costume blog. More to come!